Tips and tricks on how to deal with sunburn pain!

Sunburn treatment

It’s the summer, one of the most wonderful times to go outside, visit the beach and enjoy the endless rays of sunshine fun. But what happens, when you enjoy it a little bit too much a little too careless? You wake up and feel the harsh sunburn pain. And it doesn’t depend what skin type you are, if you’re not careful enough, you will get sunburned. So before I explain, what to do when you get sunburned, let me teach you, how to prevent the painful sun’s kiss in the first place.

Use sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, but if you’re going to be shirtless under the suns radar for a prolonged amount of time, wear sunscreen. Apply it once a couple of hours or as soon as you get out of water, and you should be pretty safe from the extreme sunburn pain. But, if you think sunscreen is poisonous and it’s another way to get sick with skin cancer, sadly, there’s no all natural alternative for sunscreen, but instead, you can do as told below.

Find a shade and wear light fabric clothes

Now, is it really worth it risking your skin beauty and health for a painful tan? My personal recommendation is to wear light fabric clothes like linen or cotton, and if the sun is really harsh, I’d recommend to wear a hat, good sunglasses and to minimize time in direct sun.

Keep hydrated

This one can’t be stressed enough, don’t forget to drink once in a while, as not only will it hydrate you, help you loose weight, but it will also moisten your skin, helping it to avoid the pain from the sun’s rays.

How do you relieve the sunburn pain?

It’s quite unpleasant to be in mild pain all the time, but there’s a couple ways to fight it!

Lactose based products

Milk, yogurt and even sour cream are great for healing the sunburn pain. Yogurt and sour cream go straight on the skin, while milk is more usually used as a compress with water and ice cubes, both are applied for about 20 minutes, then easily rinsed off with cool water.

Cool water

Everything stings once they touch your damaged skin, and while medium temperature water could irritate at first, but after 5 minutes you should finally feel easier. Just be careful while trying to dry the skin with a towel, as it will sting even more if you won;t do it slowly.

Green tea

While green tea has great properties like anti-oxidation, green tea is also a great remedy for your skin, as it has some anti-inflammatory properties. Drink it plenty, but don’t throw out the tea bag, rub it on your skin, and I promise your pain is going to go down.

Fun fact! – chewing on a green tea bag really helps to relieve the pain of a wisdom tooth!

Coconut oil and honey

Once your sunburn pain is fading away, you have to try coconut oil and/or honey. Both of them have loads of good fats which will moisturize your skin, sooth the pain and even after a while, make you skin shiny and pretty!

All in all, the best cure for a sunburn is still prevention. Proper clothing, sunscreen and limited time in a sun will go for a long way. But if you got sunburned, let it be, it will go away in a couple days. And if the sunburn pain isn’t going away or getting weaker, if the pain goes on for more than a week after you used all the possible remedies, I recommend you get appointed to a doctor as soon as possible, as it could complicate into something absurdly unneeded.

How do you relieve your sunburn pain? Share it with the world down below in the comments!

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