8 ways to degrease hair!

degrease hair!

Often enough we don’t have enough time to do the most basic of actions. Sometimes it happens, that we forget to clean our hair, but we need ways to quickly look as best as we can. And the best we can do is to offer you how to degrease hair.

Powder based

Baking soda and baby powder can both really help you to degrease hair. All you have to do is to put it on your roots and your hair smells nice and it looks tidier too.

Spray based

Dry shampoo is nice when you’re in a hurry. Spray a bit on your hair and comb it out and you’re good. If you dont have dry shampoo, you can use hairspray, do the same as you did with dry shampoo and it’s good. Other methods is to use rubbing alchohol or perfume, get some on your hair and it looks shiny and pretty, but not messy and greasy.

Mother nature based

When life gives you lemons, you squirt them on your hair to remove grease, but be wary! Your hair is going to smell citrus. Same is with honey, as only it adds a bit of volume to your hair, just mix a tablespoon of honey with lukewarm water and wash your hair. If you prefer something more popular, use coconut milk (not oil, it will only put grease on your hair). As once, put it on your hair like a shampoo and rinse it out, voilia, good to go!

If your hair is naturally too greasy, here’s a couple tips to reduce that!

  1. Brush your hair more oftenly. It’s going to give volume, form and in the long run you’re going to remove the grease from it.
  2. Use hair clips and headbands. Doesn’t help much in the long run, but will save your date in the need.
  3. Reduce shampoo usage as best as you can. It will help you later.
  4. Try not to touch your hair unless you need to tie or braid it. Both will help you reduce oilynes.
  5. Wash your hair with cold water. It stings a bit at first, but in time it will only save you your precious time.
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