My second water fasting adventure. I lost 4.4 kg in 4 days!

My second water fasting adventure

Little bit about myself
I’m 30-year-old dude. I was overweight for 10 years already. Cheap beer and tasty food were my favorite things which lead to overweight in the first place. I heard about fasting about 1 year ago. I tried it. I managed to lose 10 kg in 7 days of water fasting. I was happy to lose that much weight and started working out after I broke my fast. My trainer prepared a perfect meal plan. I was following it and lost another 5 kg in 3 weeks. So… You already know what happened next. I had a huge cheat meal and pint of my favorite beer. Oh if it was only one beer… My first attempt was a great fail.

My first day or I have started again, accidentally.
I woke pretty late after long cold Sunday. I brushed my teeth, had a shower and went to work. It was time for lunch and I asked my colleague if he wants to have lunch together. He said I would love that, but also told me he has started fasting. I thought that’s great and I’ve joined him. First day was a success.

First day of fasting. My body information.
First-day stats of water fasting.

Second-day nightmare
I woke up pretty early without any energy. I had a shower. Everything was more-less OK until lunch. The problem is I use to have lunch every day at the same time. I was hungry and a little bit miserable. Drank some black coffee and at least 4 liters of water. Working was pretty though because my mind was thinking about food every minute and thoughts were cloudy. The last couple of hours of work was the hardest. My head started to hurt real bad, but I managed to finish my all assignments.

Finally, I returned back home. Didn’t take any painkillers. I went straight to bed for a nap. I woke up pretty refreshed but still had a headache. Hope after night sleep I feel better.

Second day of water fasting was a nightmare
Second day of water fasting was a nightmare

The third day of water fasting
I woke up feeling OK like any other day. I didn’t feel hungry until lunch. Maybe the tasty smell in the office kitchen was the case. Everything except smells was pretty bearable. After work, I went to the swimming pool and sauna. That was a good choice and solution to keep water fasting going.

Water fasting third day results
Water fasting third-day results

Day 4 – finished my water fast
The day was perfect. I woke up pretty easy, work was productive and it was a perfect day to finish my second water fasting adventure. To break my fasting at dinner time I had chicken stock which tasted amazing.

Day 4 of water fasting
Day 4 of water fasting

How do I feel today?
I feel amazing, like a brand new person. I managed to lose 4.4 kg and that’s amazing. My journey doesn’t end today. Next week I’m going to the gym. It think it’s importing to start my next week right and keep my unnecessary weight dropping.

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