Mono meal diet – is it really worth it?

mono meal diet

In the modern society, there are thousands of diets and food eating habits you can try and follow. If ever you spent some time on the internet reading about the diets, you must (or not) have heard of the mono meal diet.

Mono meal diet – what’s that?

Mono meal diet (monotrophic) easily said is pretty much a raw food diet, when you can eat only one type of food at the time. To understand it better, I divided it into two types of eating habits :

  • Breakfast – an avocado
  • Lunch – carrots
  • Dinner – apples


  • Eat potatoes for 2 weeks straight


This kind of diet is not really that good as a long term diet, as you have to watch that you get enough vitamins and other materials for a healthy life. The magician Penn Jillette has explained his experience with the mono meal diet. When his health was weak, he needed a change. The raw food diet came as he understood that eating is just a habit, and habits can be changed. He started eating only 5 potatoes per day for 2 weeks. During that time, he lost 14 pounds and the cravings for food. His habits were changed. But at what cost?

Mono meal diet has to be balanced

Penn Jillette achieved what he wanted, he balanced his taste buds so he would stop the cravings for foods. But, the weight losing part was done because 5 potatoes have minimal calories, making it work because he ate too little. As he didn’t get enough calories, he also didn’t get enough proteins, which are really important for the body.

Should you try it?

Mono meal diet was quite popular back in 2016, but as of right now, it’s recommended to stay away from it. The reason behind it is that you simply cannot get enough nutrients for a proper lifestyle. Unless you’re going to eat really well planned meals, it’s not recommended to try this diet other than to weaken your body, with possible non-repairable damage on your body. If you still wish to do this diet, speak with your doctor or nutritionist to avoid to do any possible harm.



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